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The " Collodi " primary school is pleased to partecipate to the Comenius Project for the years 2011 - 2013. More than a hundred students (from 7 to 10 years old) have been involved in it. They have been divided into 3 groups: the first group had to care the artistic aspects( painting, drawing…); the second one was the “computer” group : they had to made researchs on internet and the third group had to “translate” it in English (with the help of teachers).


Welcome to Fasano: between hills and blue sea...Fasano is a little town situated in a wonderful position. It stands between green hills and a light and transparent blue sea. Around the town, there are lots of typical houses as farmhouse and trulli where you can spend relaxing holidays especially in spring and summer. You can have baths and take the sun. You can visit the zoosafari or you can do long walkings.

trulli.jpgYou can, also, taste many kinds of typical meals, such as "orecchiette with cime di rapa, mozzarella e bruschette"and different kinds of savoury vegetables. You can also visit places where people do particular milk products and handmade pasta :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!